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3 Most Controversial Zim Tweets in 2016

Most entertainment these days isn’t found on TV, or Radio or the movie house but on social media. Whenever you are having a slow day, you can always turn to Zim social media, it never disappoints.

2016 was also a particular great and exciting year for Zim social media. It’s the year the platform blew up …

5 Trends That Rocked Zimbabwe Social Media Doom Prophets
Social Media

5 Trends That Rocked Zimbabwe Social Media in 2016

When you take a breath and take stock of 2016, one thing stands out and sticks out like a sore thumb – Social Media. 2016 was the defining year, the year Zimbabwe social media reached the tipping point.

From memes, social media inspired mass protests, banter and awkward moments it was certainly an interesting year on …

red seal billboard: Hit or Miss - Here's our take

Red Seal Billboard: Hit Or Miss – Here’s our take

Most of the time it usually takes a moment to train your eyes to get used to brilliance when you see it for the first time. Sometimes you want to see it over and over again to get the logic.

But with the really really genius you get it the first time. It’s like hearing a chart …

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Challenge Accepted Fever Hits Zimbabwe

Facebook alongside WhatsApp are Zimbabwe’s leading and most popular social media networks. They are so popular that they make up 37% of mobile data usage according to Potraz.

Whilst WhatsApp generally is the more popular of the two social networks, it is on Facebook that the magic happens. And true to form, this and last year …

Rumbidzai Florida Mapeto - The rise of Zim Online Influencers
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The Rise Of Zim Online Influencers

Before the internet, the greatest invention in communications was the printing press. Previously knowledge and facts such as laws, religious scriptures used to be committed to memory. Books could now be mass produced rather than painstakingly copied by hand.

What a relief!

Knowledge could now be easily accessed and shared.  For the first time, ordinary people could refer to …

Image credit: Tafadzwa Ufumeli
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Partial Solar Eclipse Seen In Zimbabwe and Social Media Reaction

The solar eclipse experienced today on the 1st of September 2016 in Zimbabwe largely went without much noise and hullabaloo.

It only lasted roughly 3 hours.

Were it not for WhatsApp and Social Media very few people would have known it was taking place.

This is quite different from the total eclipse experienced in 2001 on June the 21st. …

How Carl Joshua Ncube Broke the World Record

An insider look at how Carl Joshua Ncube broke the World Record

The jokes kept on coming as Carl Joshua Ncube set the world record for the most stand-up comedy shows in seven days one more ahead of the current Guinness World Record of 30 shows set by Australia’s Mark Murphy in 2007.

It might have been 35 shows had 4 not cancelled. If there had been any doubts …

African Twitter

African Twitter Goes Nuts Over the Weekend

Twitter is fast becoming a popular social network in Africa and Zimbabwe. From being used for protests to banter, the social network is fast gaining appeal among the youth. Even when you are having a slow day, you are guaranteed to get witty, serendipitous and hilarious tweets to make your day.

And that is exactly what we got …

5 ways of making money blogging
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5 Ways to Make Money Blogging in Zimbabwe

Every now and then someone stops me in my tracks, pulls me to the side and asks can you really make money blogging?

I get this question quite a lot. At times it is a Twitter direct message and at other times it’s asked in an email.

My answer is always the same.  It’s possible.

Although blogging has …

Image credit: research biafrica
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Zamps Survey Results 2016 – Increase in Twitter and Internet Use in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is severely lacking in internet and social media statistics. The impact of this lack can be felt by students, advertisers, academics. It’s a frustrating experience for advertisers as they end up making digital media buying decisions based on gut insight rather than actual data. This obviously limits the effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns.

Students …

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